Flexible PR campaigns – delivering big results, or you’re free to cancel

We know you want results. And you don’t want to risk being stuck with an agency that isn’t delivering. So when we promise you big results, we back it up with a guarantee. How many public relations agencies can say that? Our campaigns come with a no quibble cancellation policy. If we ever don’t hit our targets, you can cancel. It’s that simple. No arguments, no second chances.

Our approach to public relations

“Talk about what you know, not who you are”


Every organisation has an interesting story to tell

But not every organisation knows how to tell it.

Every day, journalists are pitched with hundreds of dry press releases about launches, new hires and new products. These pitches have an unacceptably low success rate.

Influential journalists are far more receptive to pitches that offer them a ‘knowledge asset’; something they can use in their own features and news coverage that improves their readers’ understanding of the world.

This knowledge asset can be an expert opinion, a tool, a set of data, a piece of original research or a combination of all four. In fact, it can be anything, as long as it’s:

  • Novel
  • Memorable
  • Authoritative

Knowledge driven campaigns work well for three reasons:

  • they position you as a public authority on your subject
  • they increase brand recognition
  • they are more likely to receive coverage

Hustle creates knowledge asset driven PR campaigns to establish you as a key media influencer and trusted voice at the intersection of your business’ specialisms.

We do the research, create the content, conduct the outreach to earn the coverage in the media that your target audience consumes.

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